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          Your current location:Home > News > More concern on endowment issue


          It is reported that endowment issue, which is the hot topic over the last two years, hopes to be concerned in NPC&CPPCC, and medical device sector will be beneficial, along with China entering into aging society.

          Insiders have common idea that 2010-2030 is the golden 20 years for entity business to endowment. After 2015, aging process begin to accelerate in China, and establishment of 13th Five Year Plan on pension service emphasize pension industry system construction. Institutes have conservative prediction that market space of pension service is 3 trillion at least. Currently, there are many listed companies layout actively in this field.
                  Pension issue hopes to get attention again. Morning session on Wednesday, medical device gets stronger. Pay attention to: CHINRSUN(300216), Dian diagnostics(300244), Jiuan Medical(002432), Sannuo Biology(300298), David Medical(300314). From China securities network.


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