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          Your current location:Home > News > Big news: Four medical devices are in 13th-Five Year Plan

          There are policy information beneficial for medical device industry in NPC and CPPCC:

          Xinhua News Agency reported that 13th- Five Year Plan Outline (Draft) was submitted to the Fourth Session of the Twelfth National People’s Congress on March 5, 2016. The plan outline draft proposes over 160 major projects and programs in 23 column, which will become national emphasis in the next 5 years.

          In the over 100 “Advanced but sufficient” major projects, China’s medical devices involve four categories in medical circle. They are:

          1)   Strive to develop surgical robots;

          2)   Research nuclear medical imaging device, super-conduct magnetic resonance imaging system, non-invasive ventilator and other high-performance medical devices;

          3)   Develop medical devices with the characteristic of traditional Chinese medicine.

          4)   Cultivate wearable devices as new raising point.

          We discuss high-performance medical devices from authority to industry in 2016; however, there are plenty of wearable devices and health products, few successful, not mentioning. Let’s focus on medical devices with TCM characteristics and surgical robots.

          To develop medical devices with TCM characteristics is “we have people lacks” in the world.

          It is learned that so called TCM medical device is the diagnostic device studied by TCM theory and adopts modern technology to service for TCM. Generally, it divides into TCM diagnostic devices and TCM treatment devices.

          TCM diagnostic device, such as infrared acupuncture therapeutic apparatus, TCM fumigation device, massage physiotherapy instrument and so on, plays a role of clinical treatment according to relevant treatment parameter provided by TCM treatment principle and course of TCM syndrome differentiation. Currently, it is common in clinical treatment. TCM clinical treatment device market has become popular.

          As for TCM diagnostic device, including TCM pulse diagnostic instrument, tongue veins constitution analysis instrument, meridian detector, it provides reference through pulse collection and other information. Yet, western medicine diagnostic devices represented by B ultrasonic, MRI, CT prevail in diagnostic area.

          Pessimistic view is that TCM diagnostic devices are not recognized in clinical. The reasons are: lack of unified standards; few with proprietary intellectual property rights, constraint by traditional thinking model of herb doctors.

          However, western diagnostic devices can’t solve all diseases. Currently, our county level cities are almost equipped with hospitals of TCM, and western medicine hospitals are equipped with TCM department. Township and community are required to establish TCM center, TCM hall and other TCM comprehensive service area. And there are special medical center or department targeted to sub-health and rehabilitation.

          Layout Plan of Chinese Medicine Development Strategy (2016-2030) published by the State Council in early 2016 once took “Promote Chinese medicine innovative” as major task and put forward “adopt modern tech and develop a batch of diagnostic apparatus and devices based on TCM theory.”

          The latest 13th Five Year Plan Outline (Draft) on National Economy and Social Development ranks medical devices with Chinese characteristics as major task. For medical devices enterprises, the one who studies diagnostic devices with proprietary intellectual property rights in advance, who will enter into upstream diagnostic field in advance, it can occupy market opportunity.

          Surgical robots, the highlight in the future.

          Speaking to surgical robots, Da Vinci surgical robot is the most defining.

          According to the statistics of CBN: tens of Da Vinci surgical robots finished 11445 surgeries until Dec, 2015 located in China, amount to 22917 surgeries over the years.

          But expenditure on surgical robot is high, the cheapest in Guangzhou can cost 30 thousand yuan, which will increase tremendous burden on patients.

          Cost of surgical robot is the problem that hospitals shall consider. Fabrication cost of each surgical robot is tens of millions of yuan, not each hospital can afford, which contributes to small coverage of the medical device hospital.

          Though constrained by external conditions: expensive price and high cost, surgical robot is still an excellent assistant to doctors, dealing with a variety of difficult surgeries. It is believed that surgical robot will usher with better future under the key development and support.

          Development course of domestic surgical robot as follows:

          1997: Neurosurgery robot, Remebot

          2001: Capsule endoscopy, Jinshan OMOM

          2005: Bi-planar navigation robot, TINAVI

          2008: Intelligent operation platform, Da Vinci

          2014: Endoscopy robot, Miaoshou

          Add: over 100 major projects launched in China during 13th Five Year Plan

          1. Aircraft engine and gas turbine

          2. Deep-sea space station

          3. Quantum communication and quantum computer

          4. Cerebrology and encephaloid research

          5. National network space safety

          6. On-orbit service and maintenance system of deep space exploration and space vehicle

          7. Seed industry independent innovation

          8. Clean utilization of coal

          9. A newly geographical information system

          10. Research and application on key materials

          11. Set up a group of scientist studio in the field of advanced research field

          12. Support a batch of young talent in the key disciplinary areas

          13. Cultivate around 10,000 enterprise management talents proficient in strategic planning, capital operation, quality management, human resources management, forensic accounting.

          14. Introduce around 10,000 overseas high-level talents going home (China) to do innovation entrepreneurship

          15. Cultivate millions of high-level, needed and professional technicians each year.

          16. Build up skilled master studio and 1200 high-tech talent training base, and cultivate 1000 high-tech talents.

          17. Ensure to establish high-standard farmlands 0.8 billion acres, striving to 1 billion acres.

          18. Establish collection and research system of national seed resource. Build national seed production base, such as Hainan, Gansu, Sichuan, and 100 regional seed-breeding base.

          19. Add high efficient water-saving irrigation area, 0.1 acre.

          20. Build 100 fully mechanized demonstration counties; comprehensive mechanization rate of main crop cultivation reaching around 70%.

          21. Implement “Internet plus” modern agriculture.

          22. Establish Agricultural products Quality and Safety Supervision Traceability Information System.

          23. Realize mixed development pilot demonstration project of the primary industry, the secondary industry, tertiary industry in the country.

          24. Speed up large-scale airplane research.

          25. Develop new generation and heavy-lift launch vehicle, new satellite and other platforms, and effective load.

          26. Develop deep-sea detecting, deep sea drilling, development and utilization of seabed resources. Promote deep sea space station, large-scale floating structure development and engineering.

          27. Develop high-speed, heavy rail transit equipment system of new generation.

          28. Develop high-grade numerically-controlled machine tool.

          29. Strive to develop industrial robot, service robot, surgical robot and military robot. Promote artificial intelligence technology to apply in every field.

          30. Develop advanced agricultural machinery product applicable to kinds of tillage conditions.

          31. Develop nuclear medical imaging equipment, super-conduct magnetic resonance imaging system, non-invasive ventilator and high-performance medical devices.

          32. Develop and apply medical devices with TCM.

          33. Develop advanced chemical equipment.

          34. Cultivate integrated circuit industry system, artificial intelligence, smart hardware, OLED, mobile intelligent terminal, 5G, advanced sensors and wearable devices as new rising point.

          35. Accelerate to promote large-scale application of genomics and biotechnology.

          36. Accelerate the commercialization application of Big Dipper and remote sensing satellite.

          37. Develop energy storage and distributed energy.

          38. Strive to develop smart materials such as shape memory alloy and self-healing materials, advanced materials such as graphene and metamaterials.

          39. Grand total of production and sales volume on national new-energy cars reaches 2 million.

          40. Build high-speed and large-volume telecommunication transmission system.

          41. Build application infrastructure and service platform in Internet of Things.

          42. Support public cloud service platform construction, layout cloud computing and large data center, and promote large data comprehensive experimental area construction of Guizhou province.

          43. Accelerate the application of national unified E-government network construction.

          44. Make international channel of e-commerce.

          45. Construct national network safety and security tech guarantee system.

          46. Revenue kilometers of high-speed rail reach 30 thousand kilometers, covering over 80% metropolis.

          47. Accelerate the promotion of national high-speed rail net construction. Revenue kilometers of new and built high-speed rail are around 30 thousand kilometers.

          48. Construct Sichuan-Tibet highway and other border railways.

          49. Build Beijing new airport. New added civil transport airports reach over 50.

          50. Strive to promote Shanghai, Tianjin, Dalian, Xiamen and other international shipping center construction. Improve port intelligent level.

          51. Construct urban traffic circle.

          52. Newly increased urban railway traffic operation mileages reach about 3000 kilometers.

          53. Realize village-to-village direct postal communication.

          54. Accelerate to establish telematics and vessels connected to Internet.

          55. Promote steering automation, digital facilities and operation intelligence.

          56. Construct high-efficiency intelligent power system.

          57. Implement ultra-low emissions and energy conservation on coal-fired unit.

          58. Conventional hydropower of construction is 600 million kilowatt.

          59. Nuclear power operation capacity reaches 580 million kilowatt and that of on construction reaches 300 million kilowatt.

          60. Propel exploratory development of tight oil, oil sand, deep-sea oil and comprehensive exploitation and application of oil shale.

          61. Construct hydropower base and large-scale coal-power base delivery channel.

          62. Finish phase II national oil reserves. Expand natural uranium reserves.

          63. Effective irrigation area of farmland reaches over 1 billion acres.

          64. Construct a number of major water diversion projects. Propel east-middle route subsequent engineering construction of South-to-North Water Diversion Project.

          65. Construct large-scale reservoirs, such as Tibet Laluo, Zhejiang province Zhuxi, Fujian province Huokou, Heilongjiang province Fendou, Hunan province Mangshan, Yunnan province Agang.

          66. Construct watershed control hub projects, such as Xijiang Datengxia, Huaihe Chushandian, Sinkiang Artash.

          67. Basically finish 244 major stream administration of watershed acres, which are 3000 and over 3000 sq.km.

          68. Promote agricultural migration population around 100 million and other permanent resident population to settle in towns. Accelerate to propel the construction of shanty town and city village in which 100 million people live. Lead 100 million people to be near urbanization in Midwest.

          69. Cultivate and form a batch of new-born small-medium cities with functional maturation and distinctive characteristics.

          70. Develop small towns with featured resource, regional advantages and cultural deposits.

          71. Build a group of new demonstrative smarter cities. Build demonstrative green cities, ecological garden cities and forest cities.

          72. Build sponge city.

          73. Construct underground pipeline (net).

          74. Rural tap water popularity rate reaches 80%.

          75. Implement special type area and develop main projects.

          76. Carry out water pollution governance and comprehensive environment regulation in Kianchow bay, Liaodong bay, Bohai bay, Hangzhou bay, Xiamen bay, Beibu gulf.

          77. Strike “Dragon Temple” deep-sea experimental platform, and construct key technologies.

          78. Build shore-based station in North Pole and research station in South Pole.

          79. Form global ocean stereo view (supervision) measurement system.

          80. Implement key water unit monitoring project.

          81. Construct 50 comprehensive utilization industrial base of industrial waste.

          82. Industrial pollution source discharges up to standard.

          83. Newly increased gas 45 billion cubic meter, take charge of coal-fired boiler 89 thousand steam tons.

          84. Implement strict protection on river source and reservoirs that 378 water quality reaches or better than III.

          85. Develop management and remediation on 10 million acres contaminated land and risk management on 40 million acres contaminated land.

          86. Build 5 low and medium radioactive waste disposal sites and 1 highly radioactive waste disposal underground laboratory.

          87. Propel ecological repairing related to national ecological security core areas, such as Tibetan plateau, Loess plateau.

          88. Construct large-scale green ecological protection space and green corridor connected with ecological spaces.

          89. Promote comprehensive development, protection and remediation of frontier territory.

          90. Newly increased water and soil loss control area 270 thousand sq.km. National wetland area is no less than 0.8 billion acres.

          91. Develop specialty industry to realize impoverished people above 30 million out of poverty. Develop export of labor services to realize 10 million people transferring employment and supporting the poor. For “The unique features of a local environment do not always give a special characteristics to its inhabitants” areas, implement plant relocation on 10 million poverty people.

          92. Renovate rural roads for millions of kilometers.

          93. Make not bound high school graduates for the reason of poverty receive vocational education. Let qualified poverty families bring into low range.

          94. Standardization of compulsory education schools. Implement popularization and alleviation program of high school education. Reinforce inclusive kindergarten construction.

          95. Support is focused on a number of colleges and subjects into the best in the world.

          96. Promote joint development of “One belt and one road” education actions.

          97. Major chronic disease premature mortality decreased 10%. Develop 1-2 county-level public hospitals in each county. Forge 30 minutes basic-level medical service circle.

          98. Youth physical success rate reaches above 95%.

          99. Implement Chinese ancient books protection program.


          100. Build Chinese story team.


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